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Today, I launch my website! It took me 2-3 months to do the designing and writing, but the planning started a year ago when I bought the domain name. Though it was a long process, it’s worth the wait. The dream of having my own website began about a decade ago in 2004. Every […]


Oh gosh, I’ve been away from this blog for the whole of April. I’m still alive and writing though, just not writing here. For the past month, I’ve been focusing on my book. If you didn’t know, I will be self-publishing my first non-fiction book this year. It’s called Fearless Passion. It’s a book to inspire […]


Being sick isn’t cool, but you can make you feel better by being cool with it.  For the past two weeks, I’m down with a bad cough. It was so bad that I didn’t feel like doing anything. Not even blogging! I was coughing non-stop at night and I couldn’t sleep well. During the day, […]

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Welcome to the finale of this five parts series! For the past five weeks, I have been watching a lot of disney animated classics. Last week, I watched the following: The Aristocats Bambi Sleeping Beauty Today for the last installment, I decide to cover “Alice in Wonderland” . What I love about this 1951 film is […]

Welcome to the 4th installment of this five parts series. For the past two weeks, I had been watching a number of disney animated classics: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Cinderella The Lion King Beauty and the Beast (which I have covered last week) This week, I decide to cover “Lady and the Tramp” because […]

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Welcome to Part 3 of the Disney Animated Classics! This week I’m going to cover a much newer classic from the 1990s – “Beauty and the Beast”. I definitely have some impressions of watching this movie on TV when I was a kid, especially the above ballroom scene. Not only is the title song beautiful, […]